Florida Key West Inc, Key Lime Juice Company is a Thirty year old Company that specializes in Original, Authentic Key Lime Juice. Florida Key West also produces Key Lemon Juice, Lemon & Lime Juice from concentrate, Specialty Marinades, and a full line of Cocktail Mixers.

Florida Key West has a recognized brand but also produces product under Private Brands for any customer that prefers to have their own identity in a category. The facility also has contract packaging opportunities for a wide variety of products

Currently Florida Key West produces products for all segments including Foodservice, Industrial, Baking, and Retail distribution. Our product offering fits all categories of the industry. Florida Key West Lime Juice also has been exported to the Pacific Rim and Caribbean Islands.

We enjoy a definitive price advantage on our competition while offering the highest quality products in all categories. The Foodservice and Industrial categories benefit from our large economical price point options with our products.

Our facility is located in Fort Myers and due to our low overhead we are able to produce a high quality product portfolio at economical levels. This allows our customer base to find savings on their menu while still serving superior products.

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